If you want regular donors, committed supporters and integrated campaigns


Important notice

It is increasingly difficult to precisely define the types of support I can offer. Every NGO is different and has different needs. The current rule of thumb is that most of my time is divided into two roles - a “consultant” to a decision maker and a “gap-filler” wherever the need is most urgent in your org.

Selected international clients

Amnesty International

Cruelty Free International

Doctors of the World


Médecins Sans Frontières

Selected EU animal NGOs clients


Albert Schweitzer Stiftung für unsere Mitwelt

Anima International

Assiettes Végétales

Dzīvnieku brīvība

Humánny pokrok

Nähtamatud Loomad

Невидими животни

Observatorio de Bienestar Animal

Otwarte Klatki

Tušti narvai

Selected Czech clients


Milion chvilek pro demokracii

OBRAZ - Obránci zvířat

Sue Ryder

Svoboda zvířat

Czech networks

České centrum fundraisingu


Koalice Za snadné dárcovství

Nadace OSF

Svět neziskovek

Other various projects


Start a conversation now. 

Call me or drop me an email. Until we shake hands, everything is free of charge. 

Jiří Krupa | consulting@krupajiri.org | +420 732 925 459

Campaigning+Fundraising & Mobilization & Engagement consulting

Preferred cooperation: Monthly flat fee of 400 - 800 EUR / 0,1 full-time equivalent (FTE)

Short term only: Hourly rate of 80 EUR / hour

(both hourly rate and monthly fee are subject to discussion depending on varying factors - the source of funding, region, scale, ...)

If you still hesitate...

...down below is a wild mix of projects (activities, skills, etc.) I was already paid for by someone:

Mentoring decision makers | Training fundraisers | Designing websites (flow, UX, features, backend processes) | Designing donation gates | Improving custom CRMs (telefundraising modules, automations, email platform integrations) | Various project management | Lead generation lead conversion strategies and tactics | Telefundraising operations | Online fundraising | Strategical decision making | Wide array of lectures and workshops | Mailchimp | Salesforce | Integrated campaigning | Crowdfunding campaigns | ...


If you want regular donors, committed supporters and integrated campaigns